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How does reserving a puppy work?

Shipping Information

We will meet you half way with your puppy for a delivery fee depending on the mileage and if we have to stay overnight. . We encourage you to come and pick up your new puppy, if possible. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. We will have all the documents ready for you to sign and take with you (Contract, Health Guarantee, Health Records… and some food for your puppy.) Or your puppy will be shipped or flown to you at 8 weeks of age.

Delivery Fees:

You can have your puppy flown in cabin with a pet nanny for $450 to $550 in most cases, the airlines no longer fly snub nosed breeds (which include English and French bulldogs) in cargo. We can personally deliver your puppy for $250 to most locations in Southern California.

Health Guarantee

Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee that covers all congenital defects. They also come with a certificate of health from a veterinarian.

Payment Information

A deposit of $500.00 will hold your puppy, with the balance due before shipping, or in cash if you pick up your puppy.


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